233TM052 - 11m Band DX-ing

Operator:     Sorin a.k.a. "BIZZU"

Transceivers: Avanti Grande + RM KL500 + LDG AT-200Pro - base (200W) 

                        Avanti Grande - portable (40 W)


Antennas: 11m vertical Delta Loop (HM) - base

                  Sirio CB 27 Special - base & portable

                  11m Bambi quad (HM) - portable

                  Sigma Venom 5/8 HyGain - portable


QTH: KN05os - Timisoara, ROMANIA


Language: romanian, english, italian, french

QSL card policy

NEW: Starting from 2020 I am able to send eQSL's to everyone via e-mail. Big tnx goes to Pat 29LR001 & DX27.net

I will send a paper QSL card to anyone who has a regular mail address on qrz11.com

I will NEVER send "small contributions", "green stamps" or IRC's.  11m Band DX-ing is NOT a business, it's a joy for souls & spirits and I don't agree to transform it into the same shit as Ham Radio QSL-ing has sometimes become.

Propagation Data

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